group exhibition and concert
opening 09 November 2019 from 6PM, concert 8PM
The archetypical Berlin corner store, affectionately called späti by the locals (because it's the only shop open until late), is both a commercial and a social space and — to its owner and its customers — the last bastion of freedom. The dream of a classless society in one small room. In the old working class district Berlin-Wedding, now in the clutches of rapid gentrification, MONTAGEHALLE presents the “KUNSTSPÄTI” by artist group N-Leben, stocked with liquid artworks and modified consumer products. On opening night, Swedish artist Mikael Eriksson and the brand-new Späti-Orchester will perform “Songs From a Späti” documenting Berlin's transformation after the fall of the Wall and the disappearance of the left-behind proletariat. All proceeds will benefit MONTAGEHALLE project space.
SPÄTIORCHESTER: Mikael Eriksson, Olle Nystrom, Roger Thor, Gabriella Pierrou Nystrom, Sangare Siemsen, Klaus Killisch, Christof Paschedag, Tim Völker, Anja Sokolowski, Sebastian Albin, Timm Völker, Jakob Polke.
N-LEBEN: Mirjam Dorsch, Katharina Kamph, Stefie Steden, Mario Margani, Kludi Marohn, Tschen Hua Tschau, Sabrina Schieke, Sandra Schieke, Nora Spiekermann.
With contributions by: Caro Losch, Charlotte Mumm, Hua Tschau Chen, Katharina Kamph, Kuloued Abdulahi, Lilli Loge, Mikael Eriksson, Mirjam Dorsch, Sabrina Schieke, Sandra Schieke, Stefie Steeden, Tatjana Preuss, Thomas Behling, Yotaro Niwa.

10 – 17 November 2019

Malplaquetstraße 25, 13347 Berlin
U6 Seestraße