sound installation with mural

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350cm x 300cm x 50cm
7:07min (total running time)
pink parrot cage, black sheep fur, acrylic paint, spray paint, wallpapered prints, headphones, CD player, CD
Song “FISHNESS” (2:48min)

The experimental pop music project “PROSASPENDE” (“Prose Donation”) was developed in collaboration with several artist friends, whom I had asked to contribute a text of their choice. Over the course of several months the donated material, ranging from random scribbles to elaborate poems, was transformed into lyrics for short compositions.

The finished songs were later exhibited inside the installation “PLODIERGARTEN” (“Ploding Garden”), which consisted of a pink parrot cage, clad with black sheep fur, set in front of a mural painting. According to a German proverb, a parrot will mechanically repeat anything, even though it doesn’t understand the meaning of the words. In order to hear the bird sing, visitors had to reach out into the cage through the open door and push the play button.

With texts by Sarah Abelmann, Anna-Sophie Lewerenz, Gabriel Wicke, Markus Zimmermann and others.