mural painting with electric fountain

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11m x 5.5m
acrylic paint, spray paint, wallpapered prints, water, blue tempera paint, electric fountain

The large-scale mural “TreibHausHirn” (“Greenhouse Brain”) was created for a group show in midsummer. Due to its glass front, the exhibition space would become unbearably hot, just like a greenhouse. The building was situated next to a busy street, in plain sight of every passer-by. This led to the occasional unpleasant confrontation, not unlike a scene at the zoo, where animals sit behind glass, being stared at by strangers.

I responded to this situation by creating a surreal scenery on the wall facing the windows. An observer on the street would have the impression of looking into a giant terrarium, with exotic creatures in an artificial forest. Four tall wallpapered figures illustrate the life cycle of the Brain Plants, who drink from the Source of Wisdom, a pathetic little fountain in a basin filled with pool-blue water. A fruit capsule develops, reaches maturity and bursts open, releasing a Young Brain which is carried away by the wind.