environment with soundtrack

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1.75m x 2.3m x 17m
5:54min (continuous loop)
acrylic paint, spray paint, wallpapered prints, sand, sound, light, PA, CD
play clip from soundtrack (0:40min)

“Leben in LaLagune” (“Life in LaLaguna”) continues the story of the previous work “TreibHausHirn”: In its juvenile naïveté, the freshly hatched Young Brain falls victim to the Mainstream. Along with countless other creatures, it is pulled under water and forced to swim with the stream, forever after. The longer the creatures allow themselves to drift, the more alike they become, until they are transformed into bulbous beings with no distinguishing features, except fins and assholes.

This site-specific environment is my first artwork to combine visual elements with a soundtrack to create a sense of immersion. It occupies an entire room, a 17m long basement corridor, with speakers and spotlights placed in adjacent air shafts. Due to the long and narrow shape of the exhibition space, the work is impossible to behold its entirety. The visitor is forced to work his way down the tunnel, and along the storyline, as if he was moving through a sequence of panels in a comic strip.