pencil drawings

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150cm x 165cm (drawing No. 1)
150cm x 260cm (drawing No. 2)
210cm x 150cm (drawing No. 3)
pencil and graphite crayon on water color paper
2005–06, 2017

“BREGEN AUF WEGEN” (“Brainways”) is a series of large-scale pencil drawings. It continues the storylines of the two previous works “TreibHausHirn” and “Leben in LaLagune”: In a dramatic turn of events, the Young Brain manages to escape the Mainstream. High in the sky it resumes its journey, a bit desillusioned maybe, but still smiling feverishly.

Each drawing represents a scene in the ongoing narrative. As the works are very detailed, the viewer needs to step up close and let his eyes wander through the image. Different drawing techniques are employed for each type of visual element. Free improvisations, scribbling and smearing as well as computer-generated graphics and letterings. If hung in a specific order, the drawings will form a narrative sequence, similar to the individual panels in a comic strip.