sound and video installation

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8.8m x 6m x 16m
3:35min (continuous loop)
wood, MDF, black carpet, red fake fur, canvas, paint, sound, light, rear projection, DVD
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This installation was conceived as a walk-in painting, expanding the imagery of my earlier two-dimensional murals into three-dimensional space.

Unlike in previous works, the image is not fixed to a single flat surface. Instead, the individual image layers are positioned one behind the other, a method borrowed from late 19-Century theatre stage design. To a visitor approaching the installation, these layers appear as one image. But as soon as he turns around to look behind the scenes, the whole affair is revealed to be an illusion. The centre of the installation is a small chamber, cushioned with red fake fur, in which the visitor can lie down and listen to the soundtrack’s wisecracking voices.

I created this installation for the vast, ring-shaped gallery space by Tadao Ando at Aomori Contemporary Art Centre (ACAC) during a 3-month residency program. On the closing day of the exhibition, the installation served as a stage for the sound performance “SWEEEPING UP THE SWOOOSH”