video animation

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DV PAL widescreen 16:9, color, stereo sound
7:00min (continuous loop)
play clip from soundtrack (2:04min)

Living again in my hometown after a stint abroad, I created this short animation on the themes of leaving and returning home, taking flight and seeking refuge.

The story, as seen through the eye of an invisible protagonist, begins in an idyllic and vaguely disturbing garden. Events on the horizon disrupt the peace, and the protagonist is violently hurled into the air and blown away. After travelling to strange places and undergoing all kinds of transformations, he finally finds himself back in the same place from which he took off. As the narrative is circular, the video is screened in a continuous loop.

The title refers to a type of particle accelerator used in modern physics. The machine creates a magnetic field forcing subatomic particles to spiral in an almost perfect circle. “ZYKLOTRON” was produced for the show “Work Fiction” at Kunstverein Wolfburg.