media installation

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2.4m x 2.7m x 3.8m
5:21min (continuous loop)
wood, plywood, MDF, paint, drumheads, sound, light, rear projection, motor, computer, digital control units
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The installation “JAHRMARKT DER EIGENHEITEN” (“Vacuity Fair”) was developed and realised during a temporary stay in Berlin, inspired by observations of the local art scene.

At the foot of a steep hill, Little Creatures dream of rising to fame and fortune. They all rush to the summit, hoping to replace those already on top, making as much noise as possible in order to gain some attention. Borrowing from historical fairground booths and music automatons, the installation combines music, spoken word and various visual elements in a circular narrative.

The visible part of the installation houses a stage containing numerous image layers, a motorised shooting gallery target, the screen for a rear projection and several spotlights. All the elements of the installation (audio, video, lights and motor) are controlled by a computer, hidden in the invisible backstage area, and are activated and deactivated at specific points in the narrative according to a pre-programmed timeline.