media installation

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115cm x 205cm x 53cm
3:00min (continuous loop)
wood, plywood, MDF, acrylic glass, paint, sound, light, mirror ball, motors, speaker, computer, digital control units

This narrative media installation (“Grand Opera in Small Boxes”) was build during a residency program in Switzerland. It is the prototype of a computer-controlled miniature theatre that is completely self-contained in a wooden cabinet, along with all the necessary equipment. The idea for this installation was informed by my research of historical music automatons and mechanical music instruments, which have a long tradition in Switzerland.

Behind an opening at eye level, the cabinet provides slots for up to seven exchangeable image layers. Technical equipment is stowed away on shelves in the lower half of the housing.

Just like in an actual theatre, the stage can be redecorated for each new piece by manually exchanging the front panel and image layers. In the version depicted here, the image slots in the cabinet contained three miniature stages and just like in the opera house, the libretto was distributed to the audience in leaflet form.