object-based sound performance

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~15:00min running time
various office machines and presentation equipment (site-specific), chewing gum, computer, digital control unit, PA, DVD player, lighting
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“DIE KURVE” (“The Graph”) is a sound performance that converts site-specific objects and equipment into characters in a musical narrative. In satirical mimicry of a keynote presentation, it examines such timeless subjects as number fetishism, market cycles and mass hysteria. The titular graph is a simple red line on a coordinate plane, projected onto a screen in the background, running through highs and lows over the course of the performance. A humble chewing gum turns into an oracle when things hit rock bottom.

Digital control units and a computer are used to simultaneously mix a soundtrack and remote-control ordinary office machines (e.g. paper shredders, overhead projectors, desk lamps) and other inconspicuous objects in order to trigger motion, sound and lighting effects at specific points in the storyline. The venue itself becomes an animated object by incorporating fixtures like ceiling lamps or alarm systems into the performance.