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3.5cm x 7cm
quantity variable
silver platter, wooden skewers, paper, assorted sausages, cheeses, etc.

“Spiesser” are patriotic morsels of food that can be served on thematically matching opening receptions and similar events. The title literally means skewer(s) in German, but is more commonly used as an insult aimed at people deemed narrow-minded and/ or bourgeois. Visitors of the exhibition are invited to take a bite with a friendly “Would you like a skewer?” Ideally, this results in a conversation. They can keep the flag.

The skewers have exactly the same measurements as the tiny country flags that Germans like to use as a party decoration, especially during international soccer championships. My aim is to satirize unreflected outbursts of patriotism, which are rare in contemporary Germany, but all the more intense whenever they occur. The fact that unobservant visitors may completely fail to detect the satire is part of the artwork.