icons on German oak wood

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6 panels, 21cm x 14cm each
23 karat gold leaf, oak wood, gesso, casein paint, shellac

This tiny polyptych depicts Third-Reich-inspired motifs in an aesthetically pleasing manner. Using a technique borrowed from traditional icon painting, the motifs were applied onto oak wood. Historically, the oak tree has symbolised both Germany as a country (in coats of arms, etc.) and German nationalism. The image background is covered in gold leaf. The preciousness of the material distracts the viewer and threatens to outshine the idea behind the work. But if he does not allow himself to be blinded, the viewer will notice the discrepancy between the painting's theme and its luxurious surface.

Titles of the individual panels:

1) DIE FLAMME DER WARHEIT (The Flame of Truth)
2) IM WALD DER DEUTUNGSHOHEIT (In the Forest of Interpretive Authority)
3) SONNE (Sun)
4) DIE KLEINEN TIERE (Little Creatures)
5) RAUCH (Smoke)
6) PLOSIONEN (Plosions)